You can ParticipATEin one (or more!) of the following ways, and earn a chance to win a FREE copy of ths book:

  • Comment on the content – on a recipe, the ingredients pages, or other information about Japanese cooking. Comment right on the page where you think changes should be made, and make your comment before January 31, 2012.
  • Sharing a personal story about the food or making of a recipe by commenting at the bottom of the relevant page.
  • Contributing a photo to the gallery of what you made or who you shared it with [e-mail photo submissions to See some examples of photos submitted by readers here, here, and here!

The FEEDback project aims to build a better cookbook by:

  1. posting all of the draft recipes and content for a cookbook here, for FREE
  2. giving everyone a chance to give their FEEDback.
  3. using the FEEDback to re-write/re-organize the content before publishing the hard copy, and
  4. keeping the content online, so that you can continue to access the content for free, post questions & discuss the recipes, even after the book is out on paper.

Why gather your FEEDback?

A cookbook is only useful if it’s designed for you to use it. The idea behind the FEEDback project is that a cookbook is best designed with the participation of the people who will use it. If YOU are going to be using a cookbook, then YOU should have a say how the recipes are written and presented.

This blog will host all of the recipes and other content for the cookbook, and allow you, the user, to improve it by asking questions, finding errors, sharing your stories and contributing your own information and photos.

*Each FEEDback that gets published on the site will enter you in a draw for a FREE hard copy of the book!

Also – you should know…

The Fine Print (*You might be published*)

The FEEDback project’s first book will be a self-published cookbook hitting “the press” in December 2011. It’s also a Master’s of Education graduating project. That means that your posts and submissions might be published in hard copy in the cookbook or in an academic paper.

But don’t worry, I won’t publish your name or any personal information, and you are free to comment on any page on this blog anonymously.

If you’re curious about my professional and academic motivations, visit the For the Academics page. If not – skip it. This is a blog for you, not my professors.

So what are you waiting for? ParticipATE!