I’m a museum educator, a culinary arts instructor, and a Master’s of Education candidate. This project is the culmination of my studies, and links my careers and my academic interests. I hope to use the knowledge I’ve gained in all three realms to help me write a cookbook.

I’m lucky enough to teach about Japanese food and cooking through the University of British Columbia’s Continuing Studies programs. There, I teach two courses: “Japanese Culinary Arts”, which introduces Japanese food and food culture through a series of restaurant visits (yes, I’m paid to eat out and talk about food!) and “Japanese Home-Cooking: An Introduction”, a 6-part course split into two 3-session workshops. It’s this latter course for which I’m designing this book.

While living in Japan, I wrote a recipe column for other ex-pats, teaching them how to make simple dishes with the Japanese ingredients at their local supermarkets. Since that time, I’ve continued my connection with Japan by teaching Japanese language in Canada and in the U.K., and also writing the Japanese food blog “Let’s Forking”.