The idea? To create a cookbook. A good one. One that you will use and find useful. One that will teach you how to cook  – not just how to follow a recipe.

How? With your FEEDback.

Build a Better Cookbook: ParticipATE.

  1. Read (and hopefully use) a recipe by January 31, 2012.
  2. Share your FEEDback (*and earn a chance to win a FREE copy of the book!) by:
  • Commenting on the content
  • Sharing a personal story about the food or making of a recipe
  • Contributing a photo to the gallery [e-mail photo submissions to

*Each FEEDback that gets published on the site will enter you in a draw for a FREE hard copy of the book!

The Fine Print
The FEEDback project’s first book will be a self-published cookbook hitting “the press” in May 2012. Learn more about the FEEDback project, how to participATE, and how you might be published here.

Get started. Learn about Project #1: An Introduction to Japanese Home Cooking