It’s easiest to think about Japanese cooking as having a handful of basic cooking styles with individual recipes as simply variations on a theme. Depending on what is locally and seasonally available, home-cooks apply one of the basic cooking styles to suit the food and their mood. (Exception to this pattern are the Yoshoku [Western food] and Desserts categories, because they weren’t a part of the traditional, everyday diet.)

This set of 19 recipes, with some imagination and a little skill, can easily be the basis to 100 or more dishes. Change a vegetable, substitute a meat, add that tomato from the farmer’s market or a herb from your garden – these recipes are meant to get you comfortable with a basic preparation for each cooking style, so you can grow your own set (of Japanese recipes) with inspiration from locally and seasonally available foods.

Gohanご飯– Rice


Okazu おかず

Aemono和え物 and Sunomono: Salads

Agemono揚げ物 – Fried dishes

Nimono煮物 – Simmered/braised dishes

Yakimono焼き物 – Grilled Dishes

Favourites オススメ

Okashi お菓子Dessert and Sweets