Thank you for participATEing! The book, Let’s Cooking: Vol I, is now complete, thanks to your FEEDback.

This project’s goal was to create a simple, and easy to use book. The aim, to introduce the reader to the philosophy and techniques behind Japanese cooking, and provide a small selection of simple, delicious dishes that are easy to modify according to what’s seasonal and available locally. I’ll be using it as a teaching tool (i.e. as a “textbook”) for the students I teach here in Vancouver, but it’s also intended to be used by anyone wanting to know more about Japanese cooking and culinary culture.

Timeline for Project #1:

  1. July 2011: I’ll post all of the original draft recipes and other content
  2. July 2011 – February 2012: Time to gather FEEDback
  3. March/April 2011: Re-writes and drafting the hard-copy
  4. May 2012: Publish!

Your FEEDback was used to improve the recipes and ingredients pages, and the content about Japanese Home-Cooking, the structure of the Japanese Meal, and the Japanese Cupboard.

To learn more about the project: ParticipATE!