Shopping for Japanese ingredients in London is most easily done in the Piccadilly Circus area, where the Japanese Embassy is located.

The Japan Centre

The Japan Centre is the largest Japanese goods store and also offers a restaurant, travel centre, book shop, and a wide variety of other goods. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop, where you can buy origami paper, gifts, dishware, a bento lunch, and a ticket to Japan in addition to your ingredients, this is the place to go.

Rice Wine Shop (website is Japanese)

A hop, skip, and jump away from The Japan Centre (at 82 Brewer Street) is a more reasonably priced shop, packed to the brim with oodles of ingredients. Although they don’t provide bentos or produce, their selection of bottled and packaged goods that make up the staple items in your Japanese cupboard is second to none in London (that I’ve found). They also have a wide selection of sake.

Arigato Japanese Supermarket

Arigato (located at 48-50 Brewer Street in Soho – a few doors down from Rice Wine) is a good source for pre-prepared bentos and, if I recall correctly, also carries a selection of fish. They also have a selection of stock items for your cupboards which are usually better priced than The Japan Centre.