While a few of the ingredients in The Japanese Cupboard are available at major grocery chains, particularly those with an organic or health focus, Asian grocers will carry most of them. But for one-stop shopping, you’re best to head to a Japanese specialty store for the widest variety of ingredients and most knowledgeable staff.  And bring me along, too! Bring up the Ingredients Glossary on your smartphone while shopping to refer to photos and descriptions right in the store.

Because I live, work, and teach Japanese Home-Cooking in Vancouver, I’m most familiar with shops in the Vancouver area. However, if you live elsewhere and have favourite places to shop for Japanese ingredients, please leave a comment below, letting everyone know the name of the shop, where to find it, what they carry, and any links or information that might be useful for shoppers in your location.

Since stores move, close, and change hours, this won’t be a printed part of the cookbook, but it can and will remain online as a resource for those who use it. So help keep me up to date if there are any changes that need to be made!