Roasted white sesame seeds

What is it?

Rich and nutty in flavour, both white and black sesame seeds are used in Japanese cuisine.

How do I use it?

Most popularly known as the base of the nutty gomaae dressing, goma are also used as a flavourful garnish sprinkled on cooked meats and vegetables or salads. Black sesame seeds are commonly mixed with salt and sprinkled on hot rice as gomashio. They are also the base ingredient for a variety of desserts.

What should I buy?

Iri goma are preroasted (black or white) sesame seeds, but I still like to refresh my sesame seeds by toasting them in a dry frying pan over medium heat for optimal flavour.  Nuri goma is a sesame paste used for some dressings or sauces, but it’s not necessary for gomaae preparations – ground iri goma is better for this. Don’t use tahini as a substitute for ground sesame seeds in gomaae or other recipes, as it has a bitterness that does not match well with Japanese ingredients.

Storage: Keep goma capped or sealed tightly in a cool, dark place to keep the oils in the seeds from becoming rancid.