Sesame Oil (Goma Abura)

What is it?

A flavourful and fragrant oil taken from Chinese cuisine, sesame oil is used most often as a finishing oil rather than a cooking oil in Japanese preparations.

How do I use it?

Unless the recipe calls for more, add sesame oil sparingly to dressings or gyoza dipping sauce, pouring out a thin drizzle to create a small puddle or, at most, the thinnest film on the surface of your dressing or dip base. You can use it to sauté or pan-fry some foods if you want to add extra flavour. Its smoke point is quite high, but it can become greasy if you use too much.

What should I buy?

Sesame oil is available at many major grocery chains. Check the label carefully, as many of them are primarily canola or vegetable oil blended with sesame oil for fragrance. For Japanese recipes, you’ll want to buy 100% sesame oil to attain the richest flavour possible in the small amounts you’ll be using.

Storage: Heat and light damage oil. Keep capped tightly in a cool, dark place, or in the fridge to avoid rancidity.