Don’t have a Japanese mom to teach you Japanese Home-Cooking? Let me be your mom. (Kind of.)

Sign up for my next course offered through UBC Continuing Studies’ Languages, Cultures, and Travel department. “Japanese Home Cooking: Simple and Delicious Recipes” focuses on VERY EASY meals that will impress your friends. We’ll be making noodles, okonomiyaki, and temaki-zushi. Join us! The course will run for three Tuesday sessions starting on May 8, 2012, and each session is 3 hours long. You’ll have lots of hands-on time in the kitchen, cooking with other foodies.

Need inspiration? Check out what we made in my last class, “Japanese Home Cooking: An Introduction” – held in February, 2012.

Oyako (Parent and Child) Donburi: Chicken and egg on rice

Spinach Shiraae: Cooked Spinach salad with Tofu-based Dressing - sweetened with yuzu marmalade

Green salad with shoestring Daikon radish